Handsome Hero Pep Talker – Plush Toy



PRE-ORDER ONLY! Available December 2019.

The Handsome Hero Pep Talker Toy was created to be a carry and go inspiration to boys all over the world. With over 20 rotated, yet random phrases and a theme song, the Pep Talker is sure to boost the self esteem of those listening.

Handsome Hero says phrases to include:

  1. It’s ok to be handsome and smart. You don’t have to choose.
  2. There’s only one you, so you have to be the best version!
  3. Ignore the mean things said about you. It’s obvious they don’t know the facts.
  4. You’re Super Dope! Don’t let anyone tell you different.
  5. Love yourself first, my dude.

12” Plush Doll Made in China

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Dimensions 12 in


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